About me

I'm a 3D artist and technical director working in the fields of events, TV, commercials, visualization and interactive media.
I am a positive-minded, motivated and very solution-oriented person with a lot of experience in a variety of pipelines, vehicle choreography as well as working on-site for massive events.

BMW 100 Years
Skoda Kodiaq World Premiere 2016
Porsche Cayenne 2017
BMW Product and Brand Experience 2017
Porsche Taycan World Premiere 2019


Here are a few old scripts of mine for 3ds Max that you can download and play with.

MAX Plugins.de

Various plugins for 3ds Max

The link will take you to a list of my C++ plugins at my MAX Plugins.de website.

map Converter / Collector

mental ray .map Converter v1.1

A MAXScript for collecting and converting your scene bitmaps to mental ray .map files.

Sunflow Exporter

Max to Sunflow Exporter v0.25

A MAXScript for exporting scenes from Max to the Sunflow SC file format.

Velocity Channel Output

Velocity Channel Output v2.1

A MAXScript for outputting motion vector images for use with ReelSmart Motion Blur from RE:Vision Effects, Inc.


MAX 2 BMRT v0.53

A MAXScript for exporting scenes from 3ds Max to the Renderman RIB file format.