MAX 2 BMRT Ver. 0.53

A RenderMan® RIB Exporter for 3D Studio MAX


This is a script I've been working on for the last few days. It exports a RIB-file for use in BMRT (Blue Moon Rendering Tools), a freeware RenderMan-compliant renderer

What's new in Version 0.53?

NURBs and Particles are in, thanks to Jason Currie.
Got rid of a few bugs, but nothing major.
Optimised the script a lot.
The code for area lights is already in there, but doesn't really work as expected yet. This will work in conjunction with a scripted plug-in so that you know where your lights are...

What's done:

All the basic stuff is in there. Standard geometry (sphere, geosphere, cylinder, cone, torus) is exported as RenderMan primitives, including any slice / hemisphere options (except for sliced hemispheres). Anything else is exported as Polygons.

All light types are in there, but there's no attenuation at the moment. If shadowcasting is on, the shadows will automatically be raytraced. (Shadowmaps aren't done yet).

Depth of field works by using the cameras 'Far Range' value to set the focal distance.

Anti-aliasing uses hardcoded values of O for none, 1 for draft, 2 for good and 4 for best.

The preview window relies upon 'rendrib' being found in one of the system paths. If you've followed the instructions for installing BMRT, then it will work!

What's not done yet:

Patches and NURBS
Orthographic cameras
and lots more.....

I don't know how often I'll be posting updates, as I usually have my hands full with work, and not a lot of spare time for stuff like this. But I'll do my best!


Click here for the script. (25 Kb)
Just put it in your scripts folder (or make a new folder for it) and run it.

If you find any bugs, just send me a mail


As far as I know, this script won't do any damage to you, your computer, or your MAX installation, but I can't guarantee anything. If something should go wrong, I'm sorry, but I'm not liable. It's free, after all!